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Precision Brand Shim Stock

Product Description

Precision Brand

Precision Brand Shim Stock

Steel Shim is made from a full hard, cold rolled, low carbon 1008-1010 steel. Precision Brand® is the only manufacturer to offer Branded® shim. It has everything the user needs to know clearly marked right on the shim: material type, material thickness, and lot # for full traceability. Used in applications where hardness, flatness and accuracy are required. Material can be punched or sheared with minimum burring and distortion. Measures 6" wide by 100" long. Different thicknesses listed below.

Precision Brand® Shim Stock is widely used in the following applications: tool and die set up; alignment; new machine assembly; machine repair and maintenance; mounting of motors, pumps and other machines; short run and prototype work; along with a variety of other industrial uses. It is especially useful for pilot production runs where material accuracy and economy are important. All Precision Brand® shim products are manufactured under rigorous quality control standards to assure high accuracy and tight tolerances.


  • All rolls are 6" x 100"
  • Full hard, cold rolled, low carbon 1010 steel
  • Rockwell hardness RB90 - 100
  • Meets SAE J-403g 1010, FED QQS- 698, ASTM A-109, AISI 1010 and AMS 5045 Full Hard.
  • Approx. Tensile Strength: 80,000 p.s.i.
  • #2 Bright finish
  • Analysis: C .08 – .13, Mn .30 – .60, P .03 max., S .035 max.


.001 - .003 ±10%
.0035 - .006 ±.0005
.007 - .018 ±.00075
.020 - .025 ±.001
.031 ±.0015
Width Tolerance ±.005