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Renishaw has a rich history and is very well known throughout the Measurement and Metrology Industry.  Established back in 1973 by David McMurty, the company’s first product, the tough-trigger probe, was used on the engines that powered The Concorde Plane.  At the time only the best and most advanced companies in Europe got the chance to work on this Supersonic Passenger Plane.   This innovative probe used on the jet engines led to a revolution in coordinate measurement.  Renishaw is one of the world’s leading Engineering and Tech companies that focuses on Precision Measurement.  Always leading the way in research and development a large portion of annual sales is reinvested into creating new and innovative products.  This commitment keeps Renishaw on top of industry trends and makes them a leader in their field of Manufacturing Technology and Metrology.  Penn Tool Co., has a vast selection of Styli and Probes to fit any Metalworkers needs.  The sensors they produce for CNC machine tools are some of the best that are manufactured in the world today.  They provide a fast and accurate readings, saving the machinist time and money.  Set up times are reduced considerably, further improving production efficiency.  With offices all over the world, Renishaw has become a name synonymous with quality and the best CMM Styli.  Their products are second to none and their reputation speaks for itself.  They are an environmentally friendly and Green Company.  They believe in a reducing their carbon footprint as much as possible and having the least harmful effect on the planet.  Penn Tool Co., is one a few exclusive distributors of Renishaw's best Styli and Probes.  We are committed to being a partner with this revolutionary company for many years to come.

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