Riten Standard Spring Loaded Concentric Live Centers

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Riten Standard Spring Loaded Concentric Live Centers

Concentric Tool Corporation, now a member of the Riten work holding family, pioneered and patented this streamlined low profile design of high precision spring loaded live centers. The low profile design has less overhang, added load capacity and increased rigidity when compared to other live centers of similar size. The spring loaded spindle compensates for work piece expansion or contraction. Today, this streamlined high precision center still features hand-crafted quality with all bearings physically matched and honed to size when necessary.


The Concentric live centers are available from stock in Morse, Jarno, Brown & Sharpe, and Straight Shank Tapers. Point configurations include standard 60 degree points and "bell head" points with interchangeable adapters. Five different sizes of interchangeable adapters are available for the bell head live centers. 

Technical Specifications:

The Concentric live center utilizes a combination of needle rollers, a ball thrust bearing and a compression spring. Custom springs are available upon request to adjust spring tension. The shell is manufactured from low carbon steel and case hardened, while the spindle is manufactured from 52100 ball bearing steel and through hardened to provide the maximum strength and durability needed in a live center spindle.


Concentric live centers can be rebuilt to "Like New" condition at the factory. Consult the factory for pricing. This is a total reconditioning of the entire live center. The shell is inspected for damage and the taper shank is reground as needed. The bearings, seals and spindle are replaced with new components and the live center is returned to its original accuracy. Every repair receives the identical factory warranty as that of a new live center.


  • Accuracy to ± .0001.
  • Spring loaded spindle compensates for thermal expansion.
  • Low profile - less overhang, added load capacity, and increased rigidity

Special lubricating grease required for Concentric centers:

  • Item # 17991 - 14.5 oz. tube
  • Item # 17990 - Heavy duty grease gun
  • Item # 17993 - Low profile grease gun nozzle #Z737


A 0.378 0.558 0.686 1.075 1.509
B 0.880 1.160 1.380 2.000 2.812
K* 1.380 1.690 2.380 2.880 3.630
P 3.95 4.95 6.29 8.02 11.00
Max Thrust Load 173 235 780 1088 2183
Max Spring Travel 3/32 1/8 5/32 3/16 3/16
Max W.P. Weight 274 400 960 1450 2500
Max RPM 3000 3000 2000 1500 1500

* K: Gage line to point typical for Morse Tapers.

Riten Standard Spring Loaded Concentric Live Centers

Riten Standard Spring Loaded Concentric Live Centers

Riten Standard Spring Loaded Concentric Live Centers