Roper Whitney Bench Punches - Medium Duty

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Roper Whitney

Roper Whitney Bench Punches - Medium Duty

Medium Duty Bench Punches are similar in operating design and capacity to the Medium Duty Roller Bearing Portable Punches. However, in addition to stationary mounting, they also provide greater throat dimensions and a slightly broader range of punch and die sizes.


  • Maximum Rated Capacities:*
    No. 16 - 7.3 tons
    No. 17 - 5 tons
  • Linear Roller Bearing Cam Operation
  • Standard and Deep Throat Options (up to 6-1/2")

These two punches are similar in use, yet slightly different in their construction detail. The No. 16, with its solid forged frame, has the higher rated capacity and a standard throat. The No. 17 steel frame punch provides a deeper throat dimension to punch up to 6 1/2 inches from the edge of a work piece. Both punches have adjustable die shoes to permit the proper alignment of close fitting punches and dies to punch light gauge materials. Both also have the option of a removable 6" x 8" work table with stops to position material in the tool.


Reference No. 16 No. 17
A 8-7/16 214.31 12-3/8 314.33
B 9-5/8 244.48 10-9/16 268.29
C 3-1/4 82.55 6-1/2 165.1
D 1-3/4 44.45 2-1/8 53.98
E 7/8 22.23 7/8 22.23
F 3/8 9.53 3/8 9.53
G 3-7/8 98.43 4-1/2 114.3
H 24-1/2 622.3 24-1/2 622.3

Refer to the Tonnage Chart to determine if the rated capacity of this tool will accommodate the type and thickness of metal and the size andshape hole that you will be punching. Do not, under any condition, exceed the rated capacity of this tool.

Ordering Guide Catalog No. Shipping Weight
No. 16 No. 17 No. 16 No. 17
Medium Duty Punch 131020160* 131020170* 26.5 lbs 38.5 lbs
Work Table 137020160 137020160 3.5 lbs 3.5 lbs

* Includes one 9/32" round punch and die. No substitutions.

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WARNING: This Product Can Expose You To Materials And/Or Chemicals Which Are Known To The State Of California To Cause Cancer And/Or Reproductive Harm.

Roper Whitney Bench Punches - Medium Duty

Roper Whitney Bench Punches - Medium Duty

Roper Whitney Bench Punches - Medium Duty