Roper Whitney Portable Punches, Heavy-Duty

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Roper Whitney

Roper Whitney Portable Punches, Heavy-Duty

Heavy Duty Portable Punches are for heavy punching requirements. They operate through ball bearing action and rotary operating motion. While considered portable, they are equally adept as stationary bench mounted tools.

  • Maximum Rated Capacities:*
    No. 20 and CTL 20 - 20 tons
  • Rotary Ball Bearing Operation
    (360° equals 1/2-inch punch movement)

These tools offer punching capacities to meet heavier job requirements, and greater versatility in punching flat sheets and angles.

No. 20 and No. CTL20 are similar, except that the frame around the die pocket of the CTL20 is machined to allow punching close to the web of angle iron (9/16" from web to center of hole).

Options for these tools include a ratchet attachment (for No. 20 and No. CTL20) to permit operation in close quarters, pipe handles to provide adequate leverage with minimal effort.

* Refer to the Tonnage Chart to determine if the rated capacity of this tool will accommodate the type and thickness of metal and the size and shape hole that you will be punching. Do not, under any condition, exceed the rated capacity of this tool.


Reference No. 20 No. CTL 20
A 7in. / 117.8mm 7in. / 177.8mm

Spindle Up
Spindle Down

11-1/2in. / 292.1mm
10-1/2in. / 266.7mm

11-1/2in. / 292.1mm
10-1/2in. / 266.7mm
C 2-1/4in. / 57.15mm 2-1/4in. / 57.15mm
D 1-5/8in. / 41.28mm 1-5/8in. / 41.28mm
E 7/8in. / 22.23mm 1/2in. / 12.7mm
F 3/4in. / 19.05mm 3/4in. / 19.05mm
G 3-7/8in. / 98.43mm 3-7/8in. / 98.43mm


Ordering Guide Item No. Shipping Weight
No. 20 No. CTL 20 No. 20 No. CTL 20
Heavy Duty Punch 130030200* 130030201* 25 25
Ratchet Attachment 138031190 138031190 4-1/2 4-1/2
48" Pipe Handle 138032026 138032026 4 4

* Includes one 1/2" round punch and die. No substitutions.

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WARNING: This Product Can Expose You To Materials And/Or Chemicals Which Are Known To The State Of California To Cause Cancer And/Or Reproductive Harm.

Roper Whitney Portable Punches, Heavy-Duty

Roper Whitney Portable Punches, Heavy-Duty

Roper Whitney Portable Punches, Heavy-Duty