Simatec Simatherm Induction Heater IH 240

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Simatec Simatherm Induction Heater IH 240

for heating very large size bearings up to 1200 kg

The IH 240 is designed to heat very large size bearings up to 1200 kg. A bearing of 445 kg weight may be heated up to 110°C in only 10 minutes.

The IH 240 is a stationary ground model. The transport of this heater is easily made possible with a forklift or a pallet truck.


  • For rolling bearings weighing up to 1200kg (2646lb)
  • For workpieces with inner diameter of 142 to 850mm (5.6 to 33.5in)
  • Also included: 1 yoke, 1 temperature probe, 1 pair of protective gloves
  • Available for voltages of 400, 460 and 575V
  • Extremely simple operation thanks to the sliding yoke
  • Support legs can be adjusted according to the size of the workpiece

About Simatherm Induction Heaters:

The best way to avoid unwanted stresses when assembling interference-fit parts is to heat the outer part just enough to produce a temporary clearance. Simatherm induction heaters allow this to be done precisely, evenly, quickly and efficiently. Other methods of heating are slower, less controlled and can cause more harm than good to bearings.


  • Precise, even, quick heating
  • There is no risk of damage (from excessive mechanical stress, open flames, dirty oil baths, excessively hot ovens and plates)
  • Automatic demagnetization
  • User friendly
  • Increased operational safety
  • Selectable power reduction for heating up smaller parts

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Type IH 240
Description Induction heater for large and very large workpieces
Designation IH 240/400 V (Art. 110.1601)
IH 240/460 V (Art. 110.1602)
Voltage 400-440 V
440-480 V
Frequency 50 Hz
60 Hz
max. Amperage 60 A
52 A
Power 24 kVA
24 kVA
Max. weight of rolling bearing 1200 kg (2646 lbs.)
Bore diameter 142-850 mm (5.6-33.5 in)
Temperature range 20-250°C (68-482°F)
Magnetic probe Yes, type J
Accuracy (electronic) ± 3 °C (37.4°F)
Range of time control 0-60 minutes
Time setting in steps 0.1 minutes
Maximum temperature (approx.) 400 °C (752°F)
Variable power level Yes: 50%
Automatic demagnetization Yes
Residual magnetism < 2A/0.4in
Coil diameter 186 mm (7.3 in)
Size of operating area (W x H) 330 x 355 mm (13 x 14 in)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 750 x 400 x 935 mm (29.5 x 15.8 x 36.8 in)
Overall weight 300 kg (661 lbs.)
Number of standard yokes 1
Standard yokes 4 x 4 x 22.4 in for bearings with a bore diameter of at least 5.6 in
Core cross section 100 x 100 mm (3.9 x 3.9 in)
Movable yoke Sliding yoke
Cooling fan -
Simatec Simatherm Induction Heater IH 240

Simatec Simatherm Induction Heater IH 240

Simatec Simatherm Induction Heater IH 240