SPI Swiss Precision Instruments

SPI Swiss Precision Instruments


SPI, or Swiss Precision Instruments, has been producing unique, hard-to-find measuring tools, optical tools, machine tools, and shop accessories for over 60 Years! In fact, since 1956, they’ve been a leading provider of exceptional metalworking tools for the metalworking industry.

SPI: Superior Precision Tools for the Metalworking Industry

You can be certain that, when you see the Swiss Instruments logo, you’re getting superior quality tools at a competitive price. When using SPI brand tools for the first time, you’ll discover why they’re highly regarded for the quality, value, and reliability of their products.

Authorized Dealers of SPI Tools

SPI sells its brand of products exclusively through a select network of dealers. At Penn Tool Co, we’re proud to be one of these exclusive dealers. We’ve had the pleasure to provide Swiss Precision Tools since our inception in 1968.

NIST Certificate of Calibration

Many of the measuring tools in the SPI product line include a Certificate of Calibration right out of the box! This certification is from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and it assures that gages are tested and recorded for accuracy.

SPI: More than Basic Measuring Tools

SPI tools help metalworkers to complete their jobs more easily, more efficiently, and more accurately. Whether you need gages, charts, or calipers, we have the SPI equipment you need.

SPI Brand Calipers

This compact SPI 6 inch Electronic Caliper provides superior precision when measuring the dimension of your workpiece. This Dial Caliper serves a similar purpose but displays the measurements on a dial rather than a digital readout.

Gages from SPI

Our Electronic Depth Gage offers exceptional accuracy when you need to gauge the depth of your project. Alternatively, you can verify the angles of your countersink cuts with this Countersink Angle Gage.

Indicators from Swiss Precision Instruments

As an indication of the high precision of Swiss products, this Deluxe Dial Indicator exceeds federal specifications for accuracy. As for functionality, this Magnetic Base Indicator Holder with Articulating Arm has three articulable arms that you can lock with a single, convenient knob.

Machine shops will appreciate this Magnetic Base Protractor. It simplifies locating the center of round stock and implementing angular adjustments.

SPI Vise Handles and Other Support Equipment

This Single Position Quickie Vise Handle and this Double Position Quickie Vise Handle both minimize the effort required to open and close machine vises. This SPI 6 inch Rule with Reference Table, meanwhile, provides machinists, toolmakers, mechanics, and other shop professionals with a quick reference for tap drill sizes and their decimal equivalents.

Find SPI Swiss Precision Instruments at Penn Tool Co

If you’re on the hunt for equipment from SPI, then you recognize exceptional quality. They’ve been supplying the metalworking industry with vital tools and equipment for over six decades.

As authorized dealers of the Swiss Precision Instruments brand, we have a passion for high quality ourselves. In fact, we pride ourselves on curating only the best equipment on the market.

If you want to find the best Swiss Precision Instruments tools for your shop, then reach out to our team today. We’d be happy to show you why they’ve been a leading brand for so long.