SPI Swiss Precision Instruments


SPI is "Your Partner in Precision" for the best machinist tools 

SPI better known as Swiss Precision Instruments has been serving the Metalworking Industry with the best Metalworking Tools for over 50 Years.  As the saying goes, "The SPI Advantage, We put it all together."  Swiss Precision Instruments helps the Metalworker put his jobs together easier and more efficiently.  SPI sells its brand of products exclusively through a select network of dealers.  Penn Too Co. has been selling Swiss Precision Tools as one of the exclusive dealers since our inception in 1968.  Unique hard to find measuring tools, optical tools, machine tools and shop accessories has been something SPI has been providing the metal manufacturing community since they started in 1956.  SPI product line includes many calipers and micrometers that come with a certificate of calibration traceable to NIST right out of the box!  This right out of the box NIST Certification provides the customer peace of mind knowing his gages are tested and recorded for accuracy.  This NIST Certification is included in many of the measuring tools you see listed on Penn Tool's Website.  You can be sure when you see the SPI logo, you are getting exceptional quality tools at a great price.  When purchasing SPI Tools, you are sure to discover high quality, value and quick delivery making this line of Best Precision Tools one of your favorites.