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Suburban Tool, Inc - Taft Peirce Metrology

America's Tool Maker

For over 50 years Don Bailey owner of Suburban Tool in Auburn Hills Michigan has been manufacturing the highest quality workholding and inspection equipment.  Their 65,000 square foot plant based right here in the United States manufactures Metalworking tooling and accessories that are second to none.  Great care is taken by experienced craftsman to create tools to the highest tolerances.  Made In America is hard to find these days and we are fortunate that Suburban Tool is still able to mfg. here and with prices that are very reasonable considering the time and effort that goes into making these tools.  Penn Tool Co., is proud to be a select distributor of these incredible tools.  Their product line is extensive and consists of 1-2-3 Setup and Tri Blocks, Angle Blocks, Irons and Plates, Angle Checking and Setting Tools, Bench Centers, Collet Sets, Cube and Cube Parallels, Fly Cutter Sets, Gage Pin Sets, Height Gages, Index Fixtures, Lapping Plates, Magnetic Tools, Measuring Instruments, Optical Comparators, Pallet Fixtures, Tombstones and Tooling Plates, Parallels and Straight Edges, Planer Gages, Sine Tools, SineSet Tools, Spin Fixtures, Squares, Storage Cases, Tool Post Sets, Vacuum Chucks and Pumps, V-Blocks, Vises and Sines Vises, and Wheel Dressers.  Penn Tool Co. recommends Suburban Tool's Metalworking Tooling to any machinist looking for the highest quality tooling still Made In America!