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Tesa Technology is located in Renens, Switzerland and manufactures some of the highest quality and technologically advanced measuring tools in the world.   Specifically they have specialized in height gages by the trade name of Tesa-Hite.

Brown & Sharpe Precision Measuring Tools

Brown & Sharpe

One of the oldest manufacturers of precision measuring tools, Brown & Sharpe was founded in 1833 in the town of Providence, Rhode Island. David Brown led the company along with his son Joseph, and together they introduced innovative inventions like the Brown & Sharpe screw machine.

By 1872, the company was so successful it had to move into a 66,000 square-foot manufacturing facility. Not long after, Brown & Sharpe became the world’s largest manufacturer of precision measuring tools and machine tools.

According to machine tool history, Brown & Sharpe machines were directly responsible for the widespread sales and distribution of micrometers, lathes, drill presses, milling machines, and various other tools that were starting to take hold in the U.S. at the time.

Brown & Sharpe: Part of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

The company hit its peak during World War II, employing over 11,000 people to supply the U.S. Armed Forces with tools and supplies. Through those years, the company was well known for making calipers and micrometers to a degree of tolerance that other companies weren’t capable of achieving. In 2001, the company was acquired by Hexagon Metrology company and, to this day, is still producing some of the highest quality hand tools on the market.

The Brown and Sharpe Catalog of Precision Measuring Tools

Penn Tool Co is proud to supply this brand of micrometers, calipers, indicators, height gages, and other precision measuring instruments. We’re certain that you’ll find Brown & Sharpe to be a superior hand tool, and one that is going to keep giving you highly accurate measurements for a very long time.

Brown & Sharpe: Indicators

Their BesTest® Indicator is corrosion resistant and it boasts a constant clockwise rotation feature to prevent confusion. Get more out of your BesTest® Indicator with the Magnetic Base Package and compatible accessories, like this Extension for the BesTest Indicator, this Angle Attachment, or this Swivel Clamp.

Brown & Sharpe: Center Finders, Edge Finders, and Wigglers

The original snap-in, ball-and-socket wiggler, their Wiggler and Center Finder accurately locates the working points on machining equipment, such as Brown & Sharpe milling machines and drill presses. Single-edge finders, like these Audible Edge Finders, can help you to quickly locate the edges of your workpiece. However, this Double Edge Finder can also locate hole centers.

Brown & Sharpe: Gages

This Telescoping Hole Gage Set provides accurate measurements of holes, slots, and recesses, and it provides consistent spring tension for a uniform feel. Meanwhile, these Telescoping Hole Gages maintain the position of the measuring arms, after you set them, to permit sizing with a Brown & Sharpe caliper.

Source Brown & Sharpe Precision Tools from Penn Tool Co

Brown & Sharpe has been an industry leader for almost 200 years! In that time, they’ve consistently produced measuring tools that boast unparalleled accuracy, exceptional quality, and superior dependability.

At Penn Tool Co, we pride ourselves on our curated catalog of machining tools, equipment, and accessories. Like all of our manufacturers, we offer Brown & Sharpe products because of the value they can add to any shop, garage, or factory.

However, we also understand that it can often be overwhelming when researching the best providers for your specific needs. We appreciate that you deserve a collaborator who is as accurate, dependable, and trustworthy as Brown & Sharpe tools. If you want to discuss the best precision measuring tools for your shop, reach out to our team today.