Tschorn 3D Tester SAVEplus - 00163B05I

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Tschorn 3D Tester SAVEplus - 00163B05I

The SAVEplus 3D tester is slim and affordable. The SAVEplus model is not waterproof.

What is the difference between SLIMplus/VIplus and SAVEplus?

The SLIMplus and VIplus (Visual Plus) gages are our premium models. The SAVEplus is the lower cost version with the following differences:

  • Dial gauge: the dial gauge is directly built-in the body of the premium models - this offers the highest stability. With the SAVEplus, the dial gauge is attached to the body with screws.
  • Serial number/test certificate: each SLIMplus and VIplus has a unique serial number and will be delivered with a test certificate. The test certificate and serial number are not made for the SAVEplus.
  • Waterproof: the SLIMplus/VIplus are waterproof, the SAVEplus is not waterproof.
  • Adjustable scale: The dial gauge scale of the SAVEplus is adjustable, this is not possible at the other models (respectively not necessary).
  • Quality inspection: nevertheless, each SAVEplus is checked in our quality inspection. The tolerance of the probing accuracy is 10µm at our premium models and 15µm at the SAVEplus. It is important to mention that this can be changed by the customer due to the adjustable scale.

3D Protection System

The measuring unit is the most valuable component of the 3D-Tester. Protecting this measuring unit is therefore the most important task. A complete and versatile 3D-Protection-System is integrated into the 3D-Tester. The sensitive clock mechanics are kept safe from any damage.


  • Precision and versatility allow quick and easy determination of workpiece zero points and lengths
  • Large travel paths, limited by mechanical stops, have been integrated into the probing unit for better protection
  • Probing unit tip has a breaking point that is mounted near the top
  • If your 3D probes are damaged by the effect of an external force, a simple repair is economically possible


  • The probing can be performed in all axis directions (X/Y/Z) with identical resolution
  • As soon as the pointer shows "0", the spindle axis stands precisely on the workpiece edge


  • Graduation: 0.0005"
  • Made in Germany


Type SAVEplus
Model Number 00163B05I
Display Size 1.53" (39mm)
Length (w/o Shank) 5.27" (134mm)
Body Width 1.73" (44mm)
Reading 0-20
Shank Diameter 1/2"

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Tschorn 3D Tester SAVEplus - 00163B05I

Tschorn 3D Tester SAVEplus - 00163B05I

Tschorn 3D Tester SAVEplus - 00163B05I