Victor Electronic Variable Speed Toolroom Lathe - V618EVS

Brand:   Victor Machinery Solutions, Inc.
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH) 73"x30"x67"
Weight 2,530 lbs.
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Victor Machinery Solutions, Inc.

Victor Electronic Variable Speed Toolroom Lathe - V618EVS

High precision toolroom lathe equipped with a smooth 3 HP frequency controlled motor that runs virtually vibration free and extremely quite. With fewer mechanical parts and exceptional built quality, Victor 618EVS toolroom lathe is easy to maintain, yet provides superior accuracy and performance.


  • Easy to read digital display on actual spindle rpm
  • Infinitely electronic variable spindle speeds from 0 ~ 4,000 rpm
  • Spindle runout within 50 millionths
  • Dual range inch/metric quick change gearbox
  • Electric variable feed control on carriage and cross slide
  • Hardened and ground spindle mounted on high precision preloaded angular contact ball bearings
  • Hardened and ground alloy tool steel bedways
  • Turcite-B slideway bearing surface between carriage and bed
  • Automatic thread length control with fine adjustable stops to provide accurate threading
  • Quick-action tool post slide for threading
  • 5C lever type collet closer standard
  • 3 HP frequency controlled motor
  • Yaskawa Inverter Drive

Standard Accessories:

  • Variable frequency drive
  • 5C lever type collet closer
  • Tool holder
  • Drive plate
  • Drive gear
  • Drive dog
  • 5A Fuse
  • Test bar
  • Headstock center
  • Tailstock
  • Coolant system
  • Leveling screws and pads
  • Manual and parts list

Optional Accessories:

  • Tool setting gage Vertical cut-off slide without cut-off blade 
  • Face plate 6” 4-jaw chuck w/ back plate 5C step chuck and closer MT #2 live center
  • 5C collet fixture plate Steady rest Taper turning attachment 11. Four station turret Halogen work light Digital readout
  • Chip and coolant shield Follow rest 6” zero-set 3-jaw chuck w/ back plate 
  • Micro carriage stop with indicator 
  • 440V Frequency inverter conversion

Optional Special Package Includes:

  • 6" zero-set 3-jaw chuck with 4º taper back plate
  • Halogen work light
  • Chip and coolant shield (High impact resistance Lexan polycarbonate resin)
Spindle Capacity w/jaw chucks 6" 
Spindle Capacity w/expanding collets  3"
Spindle Capacity w/round 5C collets  1-1/16" 
Spindle Capacity w/hexagon 5C collets  7/8" 
Spindle Capacity w/square 5C collets  3/4"
Spindle Capacity w/step chucks 1-1/16" to 6"
Spindle nose diameter  2.189" 
Spindle nose I.D. / O.D.  5C / 4º taper 
Hole through spindle  1-1/4"
Variable spindle speeds  0 ~ 4,000 rpm (5C Collet) - 0 ~ 3,000 rpm (6" 3-Jaw Chuck) 
Swing over carriage  9" 
Distance between center 18" 
Swing over cross slide  6" 
Swing over bed   11"
Lead screw diameter  1" - 8 TPI 
Carriage power feed range  5/16" ~ 7" 
Cross slide power feed range  3/16" ~ 4" 
Cross slide travel  6" 
Quick-action compound slide travel  0.1" 
Compound slide travel  3" 
Inch threads  11 ~ 108 TPI (36 thread changes) 
Metric thread  0.275 ~ 2.7 mm (36 thread changes)
Tailstock spindle diameter  1.358" 
Tailstock spindle taper  M.T. #2 
Tailstock spindle travel  3-3/4" 
Inverter spindle motor  3 HP 220V 3PH 
Coolant pump 1/8 HP 
D.C. feed motor  110V, 70W 
Victor Electronic Variable Speed Toolroom Lathe - V618EVS

Victor Electronic Variable Speed Toolroom Lathe - V618EVS

Victor Electronic Variable Speed Toolroom Lathe - V618EVS