VITO 60 Coolant Filter - VITO-60

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VITO 60 Coolant Filter

The VITO 60 Coolant Filter - for Filtration of small quantities of cutting lubricants. Ideal for small industrial basins

Filtration power: 132 lbs/min
Manual operation

VITO 60 can be placed easily into the tank for a fast cleaning:

You can clean and filter all of your baths immediately - the patented mechanical micro filtration technology of VITO only needs a couple of minutes.

The result is a clean high quality coolant lubricant, oil and watery solution - freed from chips and solids.

Big Savings:

  • Less tool wear
  • Less personnel costs
  • Less transport costs
  • Less disposal costs
  • Fast amortisation

Constant Quality:

  • ...of your coolant lubricant
  • ...of your workpieces

Easy Handling:

  • Automatic filtration
  • Fast pressure filtration
  • Low cleaning effort

The Filtration Process:

  • The VITO is placed directly into the basin. The vortex created by the machine removes chips and microparticles up to 5 μm from your fluid and keeps it ventilated to prevent the growth of fungus & bacteria.
  • VITO cleans out chips and other material pollution... in only a few seconds
  • Required surface needed to place VITO into your coolant basin: 12 x 18 cm / 5 x 7 in

The patented design of VITO is applicable for any kind of basin compartments. The VITO 60 & 90 offer a pressure filtration and the VITO XM offers a vacuum filtration. In combination with the unique filter medium, this provides an outstanding and low maintenance filtration process. Even at temperatures over 100°C / 212°F, VITO runs smoothly thanks to high quality components.

The Machine:

  • Pressure-flow-filtration
  • Filtration power up to 60-90 L / 132-198 lbs per minute
  • Adjustable cycle time
  • Automatic pulse filtration available

The Filter:

  • Polyester cellulose filter
  • Filtration grade 20 μm nominal / 5 μm eff ective
  • Surface of the filter 0,25 m²/ 2.69 sqft
  • Grammage of 100 g/m² / 0.020 lbs/ sqft

Design and Durability

VITO was specially developed to ensure compact, practical, efficient and flexible application in your business. The portable systems are lightweight and can be carried. The mobile system is built on wheels to provide a coolant lubricant management for even hardly accessible areas and basins. The machines are built with quality raw materials from certified and hand picked suppliers. Precise manufacturing and elaborate quality control guarantee a durable and long lasting equipment.

Benefits of the VITO Coolant Filter:

  • Decreased tool wear
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Decrease of bacteria and germs
  • Maintain the performance through better cleaning and ventilation
  • Less machine downtime
  • Protect your machinery investment
  • Less than one year ROI
  • Saves labor time
  • Saves disposal costs
  • Active environment protection
  • Tracking of usage
  • Fast, easy and safe handling


Model VITO 60
Filtration Power up to 60 l/min (132 lbs./min)
Filtration up to 5 ųm / 0.2 effective
20 ųm nominal
Particle Uptake 1.3 l (2.9 lbs)
Cycle Time 15 min (adjustable)
Suction Depth ~ 35 cm (~ 14 in)
Weight 7.7 kg (17 lbs.)
Temperature max. 200 °C (397°F)
Material Stainless steel 1.4031
Particle Filter Polyester cellulose
Maximum Power 300 Watts
Wi-Fi Capable No
Pulsed Filtration No

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VITO 60 Coolant Filter - VITO-60

VITO 60 Coolant Filter - VITO-60

VITO 60 Coolant Filter - VITO-60