Wahlstrom Float Lock Drill Press Vises

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Wahlstrom Float Lock Drill Press Vises

Wahlstrom Safety Vises

Featuring a quick-acting ratchet adjustment for faster setups and use. The thumb ring releases the ratchet to move the ratchet jaw along the vise shaft. Once the ratchet jaw is locked in position, the locking jaw clamps down on the part using the adjustment screw handle.

Easy to mount in minutes. Expand the capacity of your machines and boost production in a variety of setups. Work is tightly locked, or completely released, by a quick turn of the hinged handle which operates the vise jaw. Vise turns on three sides, which permits drilling many holes without removing work.

The “T” bolt mounting clamp locks the vise securely at any position on the table, making it a dependable drill jig when large quantities of the same part are to be drilled. The mounting clamp also allows the vise to swing to the edge of the table for clamping long parts. When the vise is not in use the mounting clamp can quickly swing the vise completely off the table and out of the way eliminating the time consuming need of removal and storage.

Vises come complete with one set of Deluxe jaw blocks and mounting clamp. Jaw pads feature Horizontal and Vertical “V” grooves that align and grip rounds securely. Parallel grooves make easy alignment of jigs and fixtures.

M1-89-9 - Corner Mounting Attachment: Quickly attaches the vise to any drill press table. Eliminates the need to drill a mounting hole in the vise to be easily moved between multiple drill presses.

Specifications: M1-89-24-12  

  • Type-  Ratchet
  • Capacity-  12"
  • Overall Length-  26"

Specifications: M1-89-15-8

  • Type-  Ratchet
  • Capacity: 8"
  • Overall Length: 18"

Wahlstrom Float Lock Drill Press Vises

Wahlstrom Float Lock Drill Press Vises