YUASA Precision Rotary Tables

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YUASA Precision Rotary Tables


  • Adjustable satin chrome dials are extremely large in diameter for easy reading
  • All dials are precision ground and graduated in minute and second increments as well as degrees
  • Totally enclosed rugged base casting, precision ground and parallel within .0006"
  • (2) Locks provided for positive action
  • The worm and shaft are of one piece hardened and ground
  • All rotary tables are equipped with disengageable worms which affords quick rotation for indicating workpieces
  • Oiling facilities are provided for all moving parts
  • Low profile


  • A convenient method of worm adjustment is provided to compensate for wear
  • Each table is supplied with a signed inspection certificate and an operating certificate


  • Use for indexing, drilling or milling
  • Machining curved surfaces by utilizing circular milling
  • Milling and boring where close tolerances are required
  • Machining flat surface is set at a certain angle to a given reference
  • Quality control
  • Jig boring


  • Made of "high grade meehanite castings".
  • Precision ground and parallel within .0006".
  • All T-Slots are machined.
  • Graduations are accurately cut in increments of one degree.

Optional Accessories:

  • Dividing plates have all divisions from 2 to 66 and all numbers from 68 to 132 that can be divided by 2, 3 and 5. Fits all except 6".
  • Second vernier: 10"
  • Gear ratio: 90:1
  • Adjustable tailstocks: 2 MT
YUASA Precision Rotary Tables

YUASA Precision Rotary Tables

YUASA Precision Rotary Tables