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Precision Measuring Tools


Penn Tool Co., is the supplier of the Best Precision Measuring Tools

Precision Measuring Tools are a section of tooling that Penn Tool Co has specialized and focused on since the beginning.  We have some of the most diverse Precision Measuring Tools from a variety of manufactures and price ranges. From the basic micrometer to the more technologically advanced measuring devices that are electronic and can transfer data to a computer.  These devices take highly accurate measurement to close tolerances.  Precision Measuring Tools are a metalworking machinists best friend so to say.  What are the best precision measuring tools?  That is a good question.  Usually the top precision measuring tools are the ones that are quality made and affordable.  Measuring tools such as digital calipers, micrometers, indicators, depth gages, height gages, pin gages, gage blocks, optical comparators, and thickness gages can be found in machine shops throughout the United States.  Penn Tool Co carries many of the major manufactures of Precision Measuring Tools such a Mitutoyo, Fowler High Precision, Brown & Sharpe, Asimeto, SPI Tools, L.S. Starrett, Chicago Dial Indicator, S-T Industries, and Penn Tool's own branded line called Precise.  For machinists and tool and diemakers, Precision Measuring Tools will help maintain quality control and keep your factory and machine shop running smoothly producing accurate parts.

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