Royal Machine Mount - 27003

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Royal Machine Mount

  • Royal machine mounts are built tough to level and last. All metal parts are zinc plated for rust protection and long life
  • Royal machine mounts simplify machine installation, reduce noise, and isolate vibration
  • Great for injection molding machines, presses, lathes, mills, and grinders
  • These mounts meet OSHA requirements by preventing machines from "walking" without the need for bolting or cementing
  • All Royal machine mounts incorporate a large, chloroprene rubber base that is resistant to oil, water, and many chemicals
  • Support cup is machined from a solid bar instead of deep drawn, resulting in increased thickness for strength and rigidity
  • Unique internal retaining clip ensures that mounts will stay together if machine is moved to a new location
  • Royal machine mounts protect sensitive machine components, improve performance, and reduce maintenance costs

Choosing the Correct Royal Machine Mounts:

  1. Calculate the load on each mount by dividing the total weight of the machine by the number of mounting locations.
    Note: sometimes it may be necessary to compensate for machines that do not have an evenly distributed load.
  2. Find the category in the specification chart which corresponds to the type of machine being installed
  3. Match up the correct mount with the machine

Example: Suppose you wish to mount an 18,000-lb. CNC lathe which has six mounting locations.

18,000 ⁄ 6=3,000 lbs. per mount

From the chart on the next page we see that this machine falls into the range of the #3 mount for non-impact machinery.

Warning: Always use the correct mount for each machine. These mounts are not designed for machines that mustbe bolted to the floor to prevent tipping. If you have any questions, please contact us.


  Model # 27003
Mount (lbs.)
General Non-Impact Machinery 1,760 - 5,500
Injection Molding Machines 2,180 max.
Presses - up to 125 strokes ⁄ min 880 - 3,080
Presses - up to 180 strokes ⁄ min 770 - 2,420
Presses - up to 200 strokes ⁄ min 550 - 1,760
Base Diameter 6.31
Leveling Plate Diameter 3.93
Height to Top of Leveling Plate 2.31
Height to Top of Bolt 7.50
Leveling Bolt Size M20 x 1.5
Standard Leveling Bolt 6.88
Level Adjustment 1.00

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WARNING: This Product Can Expose You To Materials And/Or Chemicals Which Are Known To The State Of California To Cause Cancer And/Or Reproductive Harm.

Royal Machine Mount - 27003

Royal Machine Mount - 27003

Royal Machine Mount - 27003