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Royal Products

Royal Products

Royal Products Optimize Everything 

With over 70 years under their belt, Royal Products has been producing precision metalworking tools and accessories making production more efficient and cost effective.  The company was founded in 1946 by Bob Curran,who invented and patented the first changeable-point live center with a combination thread/taper interface.  They are the maker of the Royal Quick-Grip CNC Collet Chuck.  Based in Hauppauge, NY, they are responsible for some of the finest tooling available in the United States.  Royal Products is an ISO-registered company dedicated to continuous improvement.  Penn Tool Co., recommends Royal Products to any machinist looking for the best tooling money can buy.  Royal Products Tools help reduce setup times and boost throughput!  Their vast product line includes CNC Collet Chucks, CNC Expanding Mandrels, Live Centers, CNC Bar Pullers, Collet Fixtures, Quick-Grip for Manual Lathes, Collets, Deburring Tools, Dead Centers, Machine Mounts, R8 Quick-Change Tool Systems,  Chuck Stops,  PneuVac Coolant Sump Cleaners, Air Cleaning Guns, Sensitive Drill Feeds, Albrecht Drill Chucks, Rota-Rack Parts Accumulator, and Filtermist Mist Collectors.  Please contact us for any Product Royal Products has under their incredible catalog of items.

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