Wayne Products Skimerator, Deep Draft - 3200D

Brand:   Wayne Products
Coolant Level Fluctuation Medium (less than 5 Inches)
Pump Type Electric
Temp Limit 120°F
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Wayne Products

Wayne Products Skimerator, Deep Draft - 3200D

The Skimerator® is a perfect complement to the Mini-Skimmer and Maxi-Skimmer Oil Skimmers Wayne Products has sold since 1989.

We are excited to be able to offer this wonderful product to our current Mini-Skimmer customers and to existing Skimerator customers.

The Skimerator is the GREEN solution for skimming, aerating, and recycling coolant:

  • No filters or consumables
  • Aeration reduces bacteria growth & rancidity
  • Easy to assemble
  • Reduces operating costs, maintenance costs, and environmental impact
  • Various models available for any CNC machine

CLEAN & GREEN! The original SKIMERATOR® skims contaminating oils and aerates coolant so your CNC machine can perform at peak efficiency while extending coolant life - saving you time and money!

The SKIMERATOR uses no filters or consumables and is easily assembled and installed.

Why Buy a Skimerator?

  • Skimerator not only skims, but aerates coolant in 2 stages, reducing bacteria and rancidity to eliminate odors and keep workers healthy
  • Skimerator has a green, translucent tank that allows the user to closely monitor skimmed oil levels via easy-to-read measuring lines.
  • Skimerator extends your coolant life by up to 50%, reducing your operating costs and environmental impact.


  • There are well over 1,000 Skimerators in use today by companies big and small.
  • Big business loves Skimerator - our satisfied customer base includes companies like Boeing, Northrup Grumman, Caterpillar, Cummins, General Electric, Motorola, Ford, Toyota.
  • Small business does too! Machine shops everywhere trust the Skimerator to clean and recycle their valuable coolant.
  • Wayne Products, manufacturers of Mini-Skimmer oil skimmers, has been a world leader in skimming products since 1989. The Skimerator allows us to further our mission of keeping CNC Machine sump tanks everywhere free of contaminant oils.

Skimerator Models:

Part # Description Coolant Level Fluctuation Pump Type Temp Limit
3200D Deep Draft Medium (less than 5 Inches) Electric 120°F

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WARNING: This Product Can Expose You To Materials And/Or Chemicals Which Are Known To The State Of California To Cause Cancer And/Or Reproductive Harm.

Wayne Products Skimerator, Deep Draft - 3200D

Wayne Products Skimerator, Deep Draft - 3200D

Wayne Products Skimerator, Deep Draft - 3200D