Mitutoyo Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine HR-530L - 810-337

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Mitutoyo Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine HR-530L

Maximum specimen size: Height 395 mm (15.5"), Depth 150 mm (6")

Unique electronic control makes the HR-530 series of hardness testers capable of Rockwell, Rockwell Superficial, Rockwell testing of plastics (A & B) and Light Force Brinell hardness testing.

The new HR530 and HR530L Rockwell and Superficial hardness testers include a color touch-screen controller. Four display types are available, as well as enhanced statistical graphing. ASTM D785 Part A and B now can be performed. The new HR530 includes common Light Force Brinell testing forces from 6.25 to 187.5kgf. All scales are shown on a single screen for ease of use.


Inside ring hardness testing

  • Test the hardness of the inside wall of a ring without cutting the ring into pieces. (All models.) Minimum diameter is 34 mm, but inside diameters as small as 22 mm can be tested by using the optional 5 mm diamond indenter (19BAA292).

Display with color touch-screen

  • The HM and HV series user interface has been adapted to include Rockwell hardness testing capabilities. Versatile color screens display the results of statistical calculations and graphics functions, etc.
  • When space restrictions are an issue, the touch-panel display unit can be mounted on top of the tester.

Graphic display of statistical calculation results and X¯-R control charts

  • This series allows numeric display of statistical analysis results such as maximum and minimum values, mean value and graphic display of X¯ -R control charts and histograms required for hardness evaluation.

Measurement with a nose indenter shaft

  • A nose-type indenter enables measurement not only of the flat top surface of a specimen, but also the inside surface of a cylindrical specimen.

Continuous measurement function

  • When testing multiple workpieces with the same height, continuous testing is possible by pressing the foot switch or the START button.

RS-232C, Digimatic and USB interface ports

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Mitutoyo Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine HR-530L - 810-337

Mitutoyo Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine HR-530L - 810-337

Mitutoyo Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine HR-530L - 810-337