Baileigh MSS-16F Shrinker Stretcher, 16 Gauge - BA9-1005710

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Baileigh MSS-16F Shrinker Stretcher, 16 Gauge - BA9-1005710

When you want the best manual metal shrinking machine on the market, look no further than the MSS-16F from Baileigh Industrial. The MSS-16F metal shrinker is built right using our years of knowledge we have gained through the sale of our other metal forming machines. With a maximum capacity of 16 gauge mild steel and 14 gauge aluminum, this is truly a professional metal workers machine.

The MSS-16F is so easy to operate, that anyone can becomea metal shaper. The foot pedal operation is great because it leave the operators hands free to handle the panel they are trying to shape. The MSS-16F also has a large 6” throat depth for getting deep within a panel.

Everything on the MSS-16F is adjustable, forming depth, forming pressure, and even how much marring will happen to the material, with optional jaws. The MSS-16F even has quick change jaws to make forming faster.

Our most popular shrinker stretcher, the MSS-16F combines a robust 16 gauge mild steel capacity with convenient foot pedal control. Plus, rounded jaws help prevent marks and indents. Order this sheet metal shrinker stretcher tool from Baileigh Industrial.

  • 6" throat lets you get deep into the middle of metal sheets.
  • Adjustable forming depth and pressure allows you to shape your material just the way you want to.
  • Comes standard with 2 sets of quick-change jaws, one for shrinking and one for stretching.
  • Rounded jaws keep marring to a minimum (unlike square jaws). You won’t have to spend as much time finishing a part afterwards.
  • This shrinker stretcher accepts an optional jaw set for aluminum to avoid marks in the soft material.
  • Jaw design allows for fast tooling changes. Just unscrew the jaw with an Allen wrench, lift the tooling out, replace, and screw it in.
  • Includes a handy wrench holder, so the tool is never far away when you need to change the jaws.
  • Foot pedal operation leaves your hands free to handle the panel you’re shaping.
  • Durable cast iron stand raises the shrinker stretcher head to a comfortable working height with plenty of leverage.
  • Rolling casters let you tip the machine up and move it easily.
  • This heavy duty shrinker stretcher is covered by a 1-year parts warranty and lifetime technical support by phone from Baileigh's team of reps with hands-on metalworking experience.
  • Baileigh carries replacement jaws and other parts in stock for fast shipping.

Recommended for: Just about any metalworking, automotive, or airplane shop.


Part Number MSS-16F
Stock Number BA9-1005710
Mild Steel Capacity 16 ga.
Throat Depth 6"
Stand Included
Aluminum Capacity 14 ga.
Power Manual
Shipping Weight 91 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 46" x 20" x 8"

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Baileigh MSS-16F Shrinker Stretcher, 16 Gauge - BA9-1005710

Baileigh MSS-16F Shrinker Stretcher, 16 Gauge - BA9-1005710

Baileigh MSS-16F Shrinker Stretcher, 16 Gauge - BA9-1005710