Baileigh SBR-5220 Metal Shear, Brake & Slip Roll, 20ga x 52" - BA9-1007002

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Baileigh SBR-5220 Metal Shear, Brake & Slip Roll, 20ga x 52" - BA9-1007002

Have a small shop but still want the ability to work with 4' wide sheets of sheet metal? Take a look at the SBR-5220 from Baileigh Industrial. The SBR-5220 manual press brake and shear also has a slip roll feature making this machine a combination 3-in-1 shear brake roll. This model has a maximum capacity of 20 gauge mild steel and 16 gauge aluminum over its entire 52 inch width.

The manual press brake has a hardened single-vee bottom die and the upper beam as removable and movable hardened finger dies. The movable fingers are in varying widths so the operator can move them around to make boxes and pans in varying sizes. The manual metal shear can cut 20 gauge mild steel across the entire width of the machine. The bottom and top shear blades are hardened and reversible for long life. The manual slip roll has hardened bottom and top roll and there are also three wire grooves to roll round rod. Rolls can be formed to a minimum diameter of 1.7 degrees.

Like all Baileigh Industrial machines the SBR-5220 is built for years of use in any condition and the price makes this machine a great value.

Want to roll, bend, and cut 4' x 8' sheets in a small shop? This 3-in-1 machine saves space. The heavy steel frame will keep the SBR-5220 accurate at full capacity for many years.

  • 52" bed width lets you work with 4-foot metal sheets.
  • Maximum capacity of 20 gauge mild steel and 16 gauge aluminum across full working width for all functions.
  • Slip roll portion is on top, manual press brake in the middle, and shear on the bottom.
  • Manual slip roll has hardened bottom and top rolls.
  • 3 grooves can roll wire and round rod.
  • 2" minimum diameter for roll forming.
  • Manual press brake bends up to 90° and includes a hardened single-V bottom die.
  • You can rearrange the movable, hardened finger dies on the upper beam to make boxes and pans in varying sizes.
  • Crowning feature adjusts the camber of the tooling, so you can make a crisp bend in the middle of the machine, as well as the edges.
  • On the manual shear, spring-loaded hold-downs ensure a consistent cut across the entire width of the machine.
  • Hardened and reversible shear blades on bottom and top will remain sharp.
  • Back gauge helps you create repeatable parts.
  • Large handles turn 360° to put each machine through a full cycle.
  • Double-sided handles allow 2 people to apply force, reducing the strain of operation.
  • Weighs 830 lbs. with durable steel construction.
  • Covered by a 1-year parts warranty.
  • Baileigh's knowledgeable reps are here to provide lifetime technical support by phone.

Recommended for: Small shops, especially maintenance and R&D, that need to work with standard 4-foot sheets of metal.


Part Number SBR-5220
Stock Number BA9-1007002
Max. Material Thickness (Stainless Steel) .019"
Rolling Capacity 20 ga. (.036")
Shear Capacity 20 ga. (.036")
Min. Rolling Dia. 2"
Bed Width 52"
Bending Capacity 20 ga. (.036")
Max. Bend Angle 90 deg.
Power Manual
Shipping Weight 860 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 66" x 22" x 30"
Baileigh SBR-5220 Metal Shear, Brake & Slip Roll, 20ga x 52" - BA9-1007002

Baileigh SBR-5220 Metal Shear, Brake & Slip Roll, 20ga x 52" - BA9-1007002

Baileigh SBR-5220 Metal Shear, Brake & Slip Roll, 20ga x 52"…