Baileigh SW-132 Hydraulic Ironworker, 132 Ton - BA9-1007708

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Baileigh SW-132 Hydraulic Ironworker, 132 Ton - BA9-1007708

Baileigh Industrial's most powerful hydraulic ironworker the SW-132 uses all-vertical movement to makes clean, precise cuts, notches, and holes.

  • 15 hp motor runs on 220-volt 3-phase power.
  • Boasts 132 tons of punching pressure and a mighty 179 tons of shearing and notching force.
  • 5 workstations each execute a different function: punching, notching, flat bar shearing, angle shearing, and bar shearing.
  • Dual-operator design helps your shop accomplish tasks twice as fast. 2 workers can operate different sides of the machine at the same time without any power loss.
  • Industrial-grade hydraulic system uses all-vertical hydraulic movement at each station for kerf-free cuts, notches, and punched holes.
  • You can set the multi-positional electric backgauge to ensure repeatability for production runs.
  • Rigid, fully-welded frame adds to machine’s strength.
  • Foot pedal lets you conveniently start and stop the ironworker.
  • Oversized work table includes adjustable material stops and splits into 2 pieces so you can access the punch with unusually-shaped pieces of material.
  • Hydraulic clamps at shearing station maintain correct alignment.
  • 7 sets of punches and dies comes standard with punching station.
  • The patented swing-away stripper makes punch tooling changes fast and easy.
  • Waste buckets save time on cleanup.
  • Baileigh backs this ironworker with a 1-year parts warranty and lifetime technical support by phone.

Why choose the SW-132 over similar machines?

  • No other ironworker offers so much power at all 5 stations.
  • Vertical hydraulic movement minimizes material waste, saving your shop money.
  • Industry-leading design reduces machine wear and makes tooling last longer by avoiding harsh snap at the punching station.
  • Few competing ironworkers offer heavy-duty steel frames like Baileigh machines do to enhances accuracy and eliminate flex.
  • The SW-132 comes standard with features that some other brands consider upgrades, like oversized work tables and wastebaskets.
  • The versatile machine can also serve as a press brake, a pipe notcher, and a channel and I-beam shear with optional tooling.
  • Over the machine's long lifetime of use, you can call up Baileigh anytime for unlimited remote after-sale support. You'll talk to their team of dedicated metalworking experts—not reps at a call center.

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Part Number SW-132
Stock Number BA9-1007708
Round Bar Shear 1.75"
Rectangle Notcher W x D x T 2" x 3.5" x .5"
Single Vee Press Brake L x T 9.875" x .75"
Punch Capacity 1.125" x 1.062"
Punching Pressure 132 Tons
Pipe Notching 4.4"
Multi Vee Press Brake L x T 27.5" x .187"
Throat Depth 16"
Vee Notcher Side x Side x T 4.1" x 4.1" x .6"
Working Height 30.3"
Square Bar Shear 1.75" x 1.75"
Angle Shearing at 90° 6" x 6" x .6"
Angle Bending 4" x .5"
Angle Flange Trim 4"
Blade Length 18.3"
Large V Notcher Side x Side x T 5.75" x 5.75" x .5"
Max. Stroke Length 3"
Diameter x Thickness 2" x .625"
Cycles / Min. 30 @ 15 mm
Flat Bar Shearing 18.1" x .75"
Power 220V 3-Phase
Shipping Weight 9900 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 80" x 84" x 86"
Baileigh SW-132 Hydraulic Ironworker, 132 Ton - BA9-1007708

Baileigh SW-132 Hydraulic Ironworker, 132 Ton - BA9-1007708

Baileigh SW-132 Hydraulic Ironworker, 132 Ton - BA9-1007708