Baileigh SW-443 4 Station Hydraulic Ironworker, 44 Ton, 220V 3-phase - BA9-1007757

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Baileigh SW-443 4 Station Hydraulic Ironworker, 44 Ton, 220V 3-phase - BA9-1007757

This pivot-style hydraulic ironworker combines a compact footprint with a budget-friendly price to meet the needs of small fabrication shops. The SW-443 includes just about every feature you’d want to help you shear and punch smoothly.

  • Runs on 220-volt 3-phase power.
  • Delivers 44 tons of force for punching and shearing.
  • Stations for 4 main functions: flat-bar shearing, angle cutting, section cutting for multiple profiles, and punching.
  • Runs at up to 23 cycles per minute, increasing the speed of your projects.
  • Product hold-downs for all stations ensure clean, straight shearing.
  • Large reference tables accommodate bigger pieces of material and easily pull out from the machine, so that you can get the punch closer to angle iron.
  • Product guides make repeatability a cinch when you're setting up production runs.
  • Large-button control panel and foot pedal punch control are conveniently located.
  • Offers adjustable stroke control, with upstrokes and downstrokes for the punching and shearing sections and a maximum stoke length of 1.125".
  • Accepts optional tooling available from Baileigh Industrial, such press brake attachments, to make this machine even more versatile.
  • Includes .75" punch and die.
  • Heavy welded steel plate construction maintains accuracy, minimizes flex, and makes the machine last longer.
  • Baileigh covers the SW-443 with a 1-year warranty and lifetime technical support by phone.

Why choose the SW-443 over similar machines?

  • This ironworker's small footprint will fit into tight shop spaces and just about any job site.
  • The SW-44 comes standard with features that you won’t find on most ironworkers in this price range, like a large table with product guides and a foot pedal.
  • Quick-release punch and die system makes changeovers faster and more efficient.
  • CE certifications vouch for the machine's exacting quality and safety standards.
  • You can count on Baileigh's team of experienced representatives for unlimited remote after-sale support. Call them up any time for troubleshooting or project advice.

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Part Number SW-443
Stock Number BA9-1007757
Motor Hp 3
Width x Thickness 13.77" x .25"
Round Bar Shear 1.125"
Punch Capacity .75" x .625"
Punching Pressure 44 Tons
Throat Depth 6.88"
Square Bar Shear 1" x 1"
Bar Shearing Working Height 44.88"
Angle Shearing Working Height 40"
Angle Shearing at 90° 3" x 3" x .25"
Angle Flange Trim 3.14" x .393"
Blade Length 13.87"
Max. Stroke Length 1.125"
Diameter x Thickness 1.5" x .375"
Cycles / Min. 23
Flat Bar Shearing 7.87" x .5"
Flat Shearing Working Height 42.32"
Power 220V 3-Phase
Shipping Weight 1450 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 60" x 48" x 68"
Baileigh SW-443 4 Station Hydraulic Ironworker, 44 Ton, 220V 3-phase - BA9-1007757

Baileigh SW-443 4 Station Hydraulic Ironworker, 44 Ton, 220V 3-phase - BA9-10077…

Baileigh SW-443 4 Station Hydraulic Ironworker, 44 Ton, 220V…