Baileigh SW-95 Hydraulic Ironworker, 95 Ton - BA9-1007865

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Baileigh SW-95 Hydraulic Ironworker, 95 Ton - BA9-1007865

Looking to increase productivity in your shop? This hydraulic ironworker enables 2 operators to work independently at any of the machine's 5 stations. Plus, the machine’s pure vertical movement minimizes distortion and delivers clean cuts every time.

  • SW-95 universal ironworker runs on 220-volt 3-phase power.
  • 95 tons of punching pressure and a whopping 123 tons of shearing and notching force.
  • 5 integrated workstations each execute a different function: punching, notching, flat bar shearing, angle shearing, and bar shearing.
  • Dual-operator design enables 2 people to work at opposite ends of the machine simultaneously without loss of power at either station.
  • Hydraulic cylinders use entirely vertical movement to perform all functions.
  • Electric backgauge and adjustable material stops save you effort and deliver precise results for production runs.
  • Large worktables separate into 2 pieces, allowing you to get angle iron and oddly-shaped materials to the punch without difficulty.
  • Includes 7 sets of punches and dies to accommodate a variety of applications.
  • Accepts universal tooling. Jog dial allows for simple and secure tool alignment.
  • Foot pedal provides convenient stop and start control.
  • Adjustable stroke control of both the upward and downward strokes limits movement and reduces costs.
  • Extra-deep 16" throat depth at the punch station handles large pieces of material and increases capacity.
  • Hydraulic hold-downs at the shear station ensure safe operation and even cuts.
  • Waste buckets keep your shop neat and reduce time spent on clean-up.
  • Heavy structural steel plate framework ensures rigidity and eliminates flexing.
  • Baileigh covers the SW-95 universal ironworker with a 1-year parts warranty and lifetime technical support by phone.

Why choose the SW-95 over similar machines?

  • You won't find another ironworker that can muster such heavy force across 5 function stations.
  • Vertical hydraulic movement needs less clearance and decreases material waste. By contrast, many competing brand ironworkers depend on less efficient pivot mechanisms.
  • The SW-95 will let you finish tasks twice as fast by enabling 2 people to use it at the same time.
  • Punch tooling lasts longer on the SW-95 because stress is spread out over the entire circumference of the punch instead of just one edge.
  • Baileigh's patented swing-away stripper allows for the quickest tooling changes in the industry.
  • Comes standard with a number of extras, like waste buckets and oversized work tables, features that other manufacturers consider upgrades.
  • Baileigh's team of customer service reps, all of whom have hands-on experience with Baileigh machines, provide unlimited remote assistance. Just give them a call for tips or troubleshooting.

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Part Number SW-95
Stock Number BA9-1007865
Round Bar Shear 1.75"
Rectangle Notcher W x D x T 2" x 3.5" x .5"
Single Vee Press Brake L x T 9.875" x .625"
Punch Capacity 1.062" x .875"
Punching Pressure 95 Tons
Pipe Notching 4.4"
Multi Vee Press Brake L x T 19.625" x .187"
Notching Working Height 41.3"
Throat Depth 16"
Vee Notcher Side x Side x T 4.1" x 4.1" x .5"
Working Height 41.3"
Square Bar Shear 1.75" x 1.75"
Angle Shearing Working Height 40.9"
Angle Shearing at 90° 5.125" x 5.125" x .5"
Angle Bending 4" x .312"
Angle Flange Trim 4"
Blade Length 16.125"
Large V Notcher Side x Side x T 5.75" x 5.75" x .375"
Max. Stroke Length 3.93"
Diameter x Thickness 2" x .5"
Cycles / Min. 38 @ 15 mm
Flat Bar Shearing 16" x .75"
Flat Shearing Working Height 28.5"
Power 220V / 3-phase
Shipping Weight 6225 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 85" x 55" x 85"
Baileigh SW-95 Hydraulic Ironworker, 95 Ton - BA9-1007865

Baileigh SW-95 Hydraulic Ironworker, 95 Ton - BA9-1007865

Baileigh SW-95 Hydraulic Ironworker, 95 Ton - BA9-1007865