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Why Kennedy Tool Boxes and Tool Chests Are So Popular


Kennedy Tool Boxes and Tool Chests

Kennedy Manufacturing is one of the most well known providers of industrial tool storage boxes in the country. Kennedy has been around for more than 105 years and everything they make is made in the U.S.A., A company that lasts that long in business has to offer products with superior quality, great design and construction.

Kennedy tool boxes and tool chests are made with industrial grade materials that come in various sizes from hand held to big chests on wheels and are very well respected within the machinist industry but not limited to shops and even the hobbyist running his shop in the back of the house out of the garage. When buying a Kennedy tool box or tool chest you are getting a product that is built to last. They are very rugged but also very sleek looking and range in various colors depending on your taste and the décor in your shop. Once you get a glimpse of the Kennedy tool box and chest line you will hardly be able to resist making a purchase. If you are in the market to purchase a Kennedy tool box or tool chest this can be very overwhelming and also exciting all at the same time. Because they come in so many different sizes, delicious looking colors and are carefully crafted for durability which means owning a Kennedy tool box or tool chest will last you a lifetime and that is a great investment.

If you do a Google search on reviews for  Kennedy tool boxes you will see how well they are respected in the industry. A company that is setting up a shop and needs quality tool chests or a tool box will prefer a Kennedy line over any other manufacture do to the reliability and durability and that is what gives Kennedy tool chests the popularity that it has in the industry today.

One of the many popular sellers is the Kennedy 15 drawer roller cabinet industrial red color model 315XR has been very popular among the machinists and large shops. It has wheels so it make moving it very easy even when it is filled with all your favorite tools. Most shops adore this roller cabinet cause it was designed with space in mind to hold all your tools and with the mobility function you can simply move it from one side of the shop to the other with ease. The  Kennedy 315XR offers a top surface feature raised edges on 3 sides to retain contents. High security tubular lock with 2 keys secures all drawers. Drawers feature internal, automatic locking system. Cabinet includes snap-in ball bearing drawer slides for smooth operation under heavy loads.

Features on the Kennedy 315XR

  • Industrial Design and Premium Features
  • Heavy Duty Double Wall Construction
  • Smooth Operation- Operating Ball-Bearing Drawer Slides Range From 120-240 lbs.
  • Increased Mobility – 10" Center Wheel Axle Adds Strength, Stability & Increased Mobility
  • Added Control Kennedy Badge Non Slip Drawer Liners
  • High Security Tubular Locking System
  • Heavy-duty 6" x 2" Casters With 900 lb. Capacity Per Caster

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