Why Kennedy Tool Boxes and Tool Chests Are So Popular

17th May 2019

Why Kennedy Tool Boxes and Tool Chests Are So Popular

The benefits of a strong, reliable, and versatile toolbox are vast and apply to a wide range of industries, from large factories to small workshops. Whether you’re a contractor working on a construction site or a mechanic fixing a car, a good toolbox is likely to be an essential part of your job.

At Penn Tool Co., we have long appreciated Kennedy Tool Boxes. Kennedy Manufacturing is one of the most well known providers of industrial tool storage boxes in the country.

They’ve been around for more than 105 years and everything they make is made in the U.S.A. But, if there’s one question we hear quite often, it’s But are really that good?

Are Kennedy Tool Boxes Good?

Yes, they really are, but we suspect you want to learn more about them before you invest, right?

Fortunately, the tool and equipment experts at Penn Tool Co. sat down to determine just what makes these storage solutions so handy.

From the company itself to the diversity of their products, we explain why we recommend this brand to so many of our customers.

Kennedy Tool Box Review

If you do a Google search for reviews of Kennedy tool boxes, you can see how well they are respected in the industry. It makes sense too, as a company that lasts as long as Kennedy has must offer products with superior quality, great design, and durable construction.

Kennedy tool chests and tool boxes are made with industrial-grade materials that come in various sizes, from hand held to big chests on wheels. Even better, their products are very well respected within the machinist industry.

Even the hobbyists running their shops out of the garage trust Kennedy to provide long-lasting, functional, and versatile tool storage. After all, when buying a Kennedy tool box or tool chest you’re getting a product that is built to last.

Kennedy Tool Boxes and Tool Chests

Once you get a glimpse of the Kennedy tool box and chest line you will hardly be able to resist making a purchase. However, if you are in the market to purchase a Kennedy tool box or tool chest, this can be very overwhelming, and also very exciting, all at the same time.

They are very rugged but they also look very sleek, and they range in various colors depending on your taste and the décor of your shop. Each one is carefully crafted for durability, which means owning a Kennedy tool box or tool chest lasts you a lifetime, and that is a great investment.

Moreover, they’re offered in many different sizes and a variety of beautiful colors. This enables you to organize your shop and add to the aesthetic — just by introducing one piece of equipment!

Tool Cabinets with Wheels

A company that is setting up a shop requires quality tool chests or a tool box, and many newcomers prefer a Kennedy model over any other manufacture. This is due to the reliability and durability that customers need, which is exactly what gives Kennedy tool chests the popularity that it has in the industry today.

One of the many popular sellers is the Kennedy 315XR, a 15-drawer roller cabinet (in industrial red) that is very popular among machinists and large shops. It has wheels, so moving it is very easy, even when it’s filled with all your favorite tools.

Most shops adore this roller cabinet because it was designed with space in mind. It holds all of your tools and, with the mobility function, you can simply move it from one side of the shop to the other with ease.

Tool Boxes with Wheels: Kennedy 315XR

The top surface of the Kennedy K1800 features raised edges on 3 sides to retain contents. It includes snap-in, ball bearing, drawer slides for smooth operation under heavy loads.

You can keep your items secure with the high-security, tubular lock that comes with 2 keys. Even better, drawers feature an internal, automatic locking system as well.

Features of the Kennedy K1800
  • Industrial Design
  • Premium Features
  • Heavy-Duty, Double Wall Construction
  • Smooth Operation:
    • Ball-Bearing Drawer Slides can operate smoothly while storing 120-240 pounds
  • 10-inch Center Wheel Axle adds Strength, Stability & Increased Mobility
  • Kennedy Badge Non-Slip Drawer Liners for Added Control
  • High-Security Tubular Locking System
  • Heavy-Duty 6″ x 2″ Casters with 900 lb. Capacity per Caster

Find the Best Kennedy Tool Boxes and Chests at Penn Tool Co.

If you’re on the market for USA-made tool boxes, then look no further than Penn Tool Co. In addition to Kennedy tool chests, we offer an expansive selection of diverse storage solutions for any workshop.

Better still, we have over almost 60 years of experience in the industrial tool and equipment industry. Throughout these 6 decades, we’ve had the pleasure to work with, test, and review a wide range of exceptional products.

Choose Kennedy and shape your shop into an organized and productive work environment. To learn more about Kennedy storage solutions, reach out to our team today.