Tools Every Machine Shop Needs To Have

Tools Every Machine Shop Needs To Have

9th Mar 2021

Tools Every Machine Shop Needs To Have

For a machine shop to operate successfully, there are a handful of tools that are necessary to finish many different types of projects. Having the proper equipment in your shop offers a leg up on any competition and ensures you safely and accurately complete all your work. Here is a closer look at a few of the most common tools every machine shop needs to have.


As anybody who took a middle school shop class can tell you, a lathe is a piece of equipment that spins an object at high speed. With roots dating back to the ancient Egyptians, this machine allows you to use various tools to shape the part you are currently working on.


A milling machine is useful in any workshop because it aids with performing the many small cuts necessary to finish many products. These tools come in many different sizes and help to prevent the slipshod craftsmanship occasionally present when using a multi-purpose milling tool.


Grinding machines are some of the most versatile tools every machine shop needs to have. Grinders are useful because they help remove unwanted materials from whatever is halting your current progress. These machines help grind machine parts down to within incredibly stringent tolerance levels. These tools are also helpful for sharpening some of the other devices around the shop.


No machine shop is complete without a drill to make crafting projects simpler. A drilling machine is useful for cutting holes in metals, similar to countersinking, reaming, and boring holes. An example of this is a drill press, which can create each of these incisions with ease.

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