Mahr Pocket Surf IV Kits

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Mahr Pocket Surf IV Kits


  • Performs traceable surface roughness measurements on a wide variety of surfaces

  • Use in production, on the shop floor and in the laboratory

  • Can be used in any position—Horizontal, Vertical, Upside down or anything in between

  • Measures any one of 4 switch selectable parameters:
      - Ry - maximum roughness depth
      - Ra - average roughness
      - Rmax - maximum roughness depth (DIN)
      - Rz - mean roughness depth (DIN), also called Rtm

  • Easy to read LCD located on top of the unit for optimum visibility

  • Integrated data output for SPC processing

  • 4 switchable probe positions: axial (closed or folded), 90°, 180° and 270°

  • Solidly built with a durable cast aluminum housing for accurate reliable surface finish measuring.

  • Meets ANSI B46.1, ISO and DIN standards, MIL specifications and their surface roughness measurements are traceable to the NBS.

  • Pocket Surf® Kit includes:
      - Pocket Surf
      - General Purpose Probe
      - Certified Reference Specimen
      - Riser plate
      - 9V battery
      - Screwdriver
      - Fitted case


Overall Dimensions 5-1/2" L x 3" W x 1" H
140 mm x 76 mm x 25 mm
Weight Approx. 14 oz./435 g
Measuring Ranges Ry - 8μ to 999μ"/0.2μm to 25.3μm
Ra - 1μ to 250μ"/0.03μm to 6.35μm
Rmax* - 8μ to 999μ"/0.2μm to 25.3μm
Rz* - 8μ to 999μ"/0.2μm to 25.3μm
Display Resolution 1μ"/0.01μm
Digital Readout LCD - 3 Digit with Out of Range
(high or Low) and "battery low" signals
Traverse Speed .2"/5.08 mm per second
Cutoff .030"/0.8 mm
Power 9-Volt consumer type alkaline battery
Battery Capacity Approx. 2,500 measurements
Operating Temperature 50° to 113° F/10° to 45° C

* Per DIN 4768

Mahr Pocket Surf IV Kits

Mahr Pocket Surf IV Kits

Mahr Pocket Surf IV Kits