Mitutoyo Absolute Coolant Proof Digimatic Scale Units

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Mitutoyo Absolute Coolant Proof Digimatic Scale Units

A coolant-proof Mitutoyo ABSOLUTE Digimatic scale unit with horizontally oriented display suitable for mounting on any equipment that needs the position of a moving element indicated and that may be subject to splashing with water or coolant. A zero reference point can be defined easily so that, once set, the unit displays the position of the slider whenever turned on rather than “0.00”, as with standard models.

The display can also be zeroed at any slider position along the beam for incremental comparisons. Switching between modes is accomplished with just one button press. Racks, pinions or glass scales are not used – the electromagnetic induction type Digimatic scale is safely embedded in the hardened stainless steel blade. All units are equipped with mounting brackets located at each end of the scale. SPC data output.


  • Newly employed detection method (Electromagnetic induction method) enables use in adverse environments with water and cutting oil
  • Specially designed output cables are developed to maintain the water resistant structure
  • No over speed error since it employs absolute scale which reads the absolute value
  • Once an absolute zero (origin) point is set, the Digimatic Scale Unit shows its absolute distance from the point whenever turned on rather than 0.00"

Technical Data:

  • Accuracy: Refer to the list of specifications
  • Resolution: 0.01mm or .0005"/0.01mm
  • Repeatability: 0.01mm
  • Display: LCD
  • Length standard: ABSOLUTE electromagnetic induction linear encoder
  • Max. response speed: Unlimited
  • Battery: SR44 (1 pc.), 938882
  • Battery life: Approx. 1.5 years under normal use
  • Dust/Water protection level: IP67


  • Origin-set, Zero-setting, Automatic power on/off, Data output, inch/mm conversion (inch/mm models)
  • Alarm: Low voltage, Counting value composition error

Optional Accessories:

  • 05CZA624: SPC cable with data switch (1m / 40")
  • 05CZA625: SPC cable with data switch (2m / 80")


Order No 572-613 572-614 572-615
Model SD-4"/10G SD-6"/15G SD-8"/20G
Range 0-4" / 0-100mm 0-6" / 0-150mm 0-8" / 0-200mm
Accuracy 0.001" / 0.03mm 0.001" / 0.03mm 0.001" / 0.03mm
Resolution 0.0005" / 0.01mm 0.0005" / 0.01mm 0.0005" / 0.01mm
Battery Life Approx.13,000 hrs Approx.13,000 hrs Approx.13,000 hrs
Type Horizonal single-function type (water-proof)

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WARNING: This Product Can Expose You To Materials And/Or Chemicals Which Are Known To The State Of California To Cause Cancer And/Or Reproductive Harm.

Mitutoyo Absolute Coolant Proof Digimatic Scale Units

Mitutoyo Absolute Coolant Proof Digimatic Scale Units

Mitutoyo Absolute Coolant Proof Digimatic Scale Units