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Pro-Tronic Digital Level Protractor PRO360 Encased in 14" Base - PRO360XL

Product Description

ID: 324535

SmartTool Technologies

Pro-Tronic Digital Level Protractor PRO360 Encased in 14" Base

PRO360 Level Encased in 14" Base

Dimensions: 14"L x 1-3/16"W x 2"H

The Pro 360 Digital Protractor is a revolutionary measuring tool that provides an immediate, digital reading of all angles in a 360° circle. The machined aluminum frame is a rigid, light weight, ultra-precise platform that allows the state-of-the-art sensor and its microprocessor circuit to provide unsurpassed accuracy throughout the Protractor's 360° range.

All the same features of the standard PRO360 Digital Level, plus it is encased in a 14" long base.


  • Full 360 degree range (90° x 4)
  • Easy to read LCD display which intelligently flips over when the unit is upside down.
  • Maximum accuracy of +/- 0.1° and maximum resolution of 0. 1°
  • Precision, machined aluminum frame.
  • Unit can be recalibrated to factory accuracy in the field without special tools or fixtures.

Specifically designed for the Aerospace Industry:

  • Aerospace
  • Control surface rigging
  • Prop adjustment
  • Fire control elevation
  • Rotor angle measurement
  • Aircraft leveling
  • Aircraft flap calibration
  • Satellite or aerial alignment

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Item Number: PRO360XL
Brand: Smart Tool

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