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Smart Tool Technologies Digital Levels by M-D Building Products, Inc.

The SmartTool PRO3600 and PRO360 Digital Levels are some of the most popular and unique items sold on Penn Tool Co.’s Website.  While most levels only give you information at level (0 degrees) and plumb (90 degrees) using bubbles, that is not the case with these levels.  The SmartTool Levels lets you measure digitally, electronically, and with an actual number, at every angle, all 360 degrees of a complete circle. SmartTool prides itself on having the first and still the best digital level in the industry.

Based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Smart Tool Digital Levels by M-D Building Products, Inc are some of the best digital levels in the industry.  Some of the great features are unparalleled accuracy, waterproof, dustproof, back lit auto calibration, and improved durability.

Some of the industries best served for these levels are Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, and Industrial Applications.  The PRO3600 and PRO360  Digital Protractors have been priced so low that Penn Tool Co is one of the top stocking distributors of this level in the United States.  Please inquire for wholesale prices and bulk purchases of the unique measuring devices sold by Penn Tool Co.!