Royal Quick-Grip™ Accu-Length™ CNC Collet Chucks

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Royal Quick-Grip™ Accu-Length™ CNC Collet Chucks

The Most Advanced Collet Chucks Available for Today's CNC Lathes


  • Our best-selling model
  • Fixed-position collet maintains precise z-axis part positioning – critical for secondary operations
  • Usually the best choice for main spindles, and always required for sub-spindles to ensure proper part transfer


  • Most compact chucks in the industry
  • 10 second collet changes slash setup times
  • Industry-Leading collet gripping range (0.062")
  • Extreme grip force = most aggressive chip removal rates and fastest cycle times
  • Ultra-precision accuracy – 0.0002" TIR guaranteed
  • Parallel workpiece gripping
  • Maximum rigidity produces superior part finishes
  • Best tool clearance – critical for live tooling
  • Exclusive royal risk-free performance guarantee
  • Compact and ultra-compact models to suit all machines and applications

Bolt & Go™

  • Our exclusive Bolt & Go™ mounting feature is standard on all Royal Quick-Grip™ Collet Chuck models. Bolt & Go™ enables chucks to be mounted very quickly and ensures maximum accuracy and rigidity.

Extremely Fast Collet Changes

  • Changing collets on a Royal Quick-Grip™ CNC Collet Chuck takes just a few seconds. A unique hook and groove design for securing collets is used instead of traditional threads.

Wide Gripping Range

  • Royal Quick-Grip™ Collets have a 0.062" gripping range (+/- 0.031"), enabling them to accommodate undersized and oversized bar stock.

Completely Sealed

  • Lubricated for life, these chucks incorporate multiple O-ring seals to keep contaminants out and prevent chip pack-up on bore-thru applications.

High Accuracy

  • Royal Quick-Grip™ CNC Collet Chucks are very accurate – runout on the closing angle is guaranteed to be within 0.0002" TIR.

High RPM

  • All Royal Quick-Grip™ Collet Chucks are balanced by design for high-speed operation, and can often be run at higher speeds than conventional 3-jaw chucks because they are less affected by centrifugal force.


  • Royal Quick-Grip™ CNC Collet Chucks have smaller nose diameters than other quick change collet chucks for superior tool clearance.

Collet Compatibility

  • Royal Quick-Grip™ Collet Chucks can sometimes utilize other brands of quick-change collets. Call Royal to verify.

Heavy-Duty Construction

  • All chuck components, except for the drawtube connector, are hardened to Rc 61-63 for high rigidity and durability.

Coolant Slinger

  • All bodies incorporate an oversized flange to protect the machine tool spindle bearings from coolant penetration.

Shortest Length

  • Royal Quick-Grip™ CNC Collet Chucks are among the shortest chucks available, providing maximum work envelope utilization. This is especially important for smaller machines with limited z-axis travel.

Easy Installation

  • Royal Quick-Grip™ Collet Chucks include all mounting hardware, mounting wrenches, and a custom-machined drawtube connector to ensure hassle-free installation.

Dead-Length Operation

  • Royal Quick-Grip™ Accu-Length™ CNC Collet Chucks incorporate dead length operation to eliminate part pullback. With this design, the collet is held stationary in the chuck body and a tapered sleeve pushes forward to compress it, resulting in precise z-axis workpiece positioning.

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Price includes drawtube connector.
Collets and installation tool sold separately.
Extended-length – for use on machines where z-axis turret travel is limited.
Slug capacity requires counterboring of collets.

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Royal Quick-Grip™ Accu-Length™ CNC Collet Chucks

Royal Quick-Grip™ Accu-Length™ CNC Collet Chucks

Royal Quick-Grip™ Accu-Length™ CNC Collet Chucks