Royal QG-100 Ultra-Precision Quick-Grip™ Round Collet (Inch), Smooth, 1-3/4" Size - 45030

Brand:   Royal Products
Type Smooth
Size 1-3/4"
Range 1.719 - 1.781"
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Royal Products

Royal QG-100 Ultra-Precision Quick-Grip™ Round Collet
(Inch), Smooth, 1-3/4" Size - 45030

  • Smooth and serrated versions for round-bore models (all others smooth only).
  • Industry-leading 0.062" gripping range covers a wide range of part diameters. Collets are ground to nominal size and have a range of +/- 0.031".
  • Parallel-grip ensures full-length part contact for maximum grip force, rigidity, and accuracy.
  • Six-segment design further increases gripping torque.
  • Can be counter-bored for increased part capacity up to 5.15" – see picture for details.
  • Quick-ship specials available for custom shapes.
  • Can utilize manual and pneumatic changing tools.

QG-100 Capacity:

  • Bar Diameter: 4.03" (100.8mm)
  • Slug Diameter: 5.15" (130.8mm)

Ultra-Precision Quick-Grip™ Collets

These Extremely Advanced Collets Will Revolutionize Your Workholding

  • Industry-leading 0.062" Gripping Range – greater than other quick-change collets on the market and more than 12X that of traditional spring collets.

  • Royal Quick-Grip Collets are precision-ground to nominal size, with a gripping range of +/- 0.31" to handle undersized/oversized stock.
    - Example – a 1/2" collet is ground to 0.500" dia., and can hold any part ranging in size from 0.469" – 0.531" dia.

  • Ultra-Precision Accuracy – 0.0002" TIR or better guaranteed on round-bores. Total system accuracy (chuck + collet) guaranteed to 0.0004" or better.

  • All Royal Quick-Grip™ Collets are designed for minimal projection beyond the chuck face (≤ 0.020") for optimum rigidity and machine work-zone utilization.

  • All models have a smooth gripping surface, but round-bores are also available from stock in a double-serrated version for very aggressive first-op machining.

  • Vulcanized rubber between the hardened steel collet segments provides outstanding protection against coolant and chip penetration, and Royal's advanced vulcanization process carries a lifetime guarantee against failure.

  • Collets can be counter-bored for increased capacity.

  • S-type master collets available for QG-65 and QG-80 chuck models.

  • Royal Quick-Grip™ Collets are compatible with some other brands of quick-change chucks, but note that the QG-80 and QG-100 models have a six-slot design (for increased gripping torque) that requires the use of a Royal installation tool. Call to verify compatibility.


of Slots
Round Hex Square
Max. Thru
Max. Capacity
when Counter-Bored**
Max. Thru
Max. Thru
QG-100 6* 4.03" 5.15" 3.28" 2.78"

* The unique six-slot design of the Royal QG-80 and QG-100 Quick-Grip™ collets provides increased workpiece contact over the entire gripping range for superior gripping torque over other brands.

**Counter-boring collets is a special operation and it is important to note that the maximum counter-bore diameter varies with depth.

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WARNING: This Product Can Expose You To Materials And/Or Chemicals Which Are Known To The State Of California To Cause Cancer And/Or Reproductive Harm.

Royal QG-100 Ultra-Precision Quick-Grip™ Round Collet (Inch), Smooth, 1-3/4" Size - 45030

Royal QG-100 Ultra-Precision Quick-Grip™ Round Collet (Inch), Smooth, 1-3/4" Siz…

Royal QG-100 Ultra-Precision Quick-Grip™ Round Collet (Inch)…