Royal PneuVac Air Guns

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Royal PneuVac Air Guns


  • The Royal PneuVac gun makes shop blowoff and cleanup tasks a breeze.

  • Unique design enables unit to act as both a blow gun and a vacuum.

  • The deep hole gun is a modified version of the PneuVac gun, designed for removing chips from blind holes. The thin black tube blasts high pressure air to dislodge chips while the main nozzle draws them safely away. A clear plastic shroud protects the operator from flying debris.

  • High-output venturi design multiplies air flow. For example, an input air supply of 10 cfm results in an output of approximately 100 cfm.

  • Changing between blow and vacuum modes is accomplished by simply reversing the direction of the venturi.

  • Full-length trigger design reduces strain.

  • High vacuum production with minimal air consumption.

  • Made of rugged, anti-static nylon.
Royal PneuVac Air Guns

Royal PneuVac Air Guns

Royal PneuVac Air Guns